America’s Evolutionist Radio Stations Discuss The Impact Of Atlas Of Creation

On 20 July, 2007, the American evolutionist radio show “Evolution Minute,” carried various comments regarding Atlas of Creation. The report also appeared on the show’s official blog, under the caption “Atlas of Creation makes an academic splash in the US,” and said:

In a follow-up to a previous story about a Muslim creationist coffee table book appearing in France earlier this year, US college professors are seeing the same Atlas of Creation in their mailboxes this week. The Atlas claims that evolutionists are responsible for fascism, communism and terrorism. … [source: New York Times]

You can listen to the broadcast of this story by following this link:

The impact of Atlas of Creation is described in these terms in comments regarding the story:

The Voice of Science: Shelley Greene, Ph.D.

A letter to the author of Atlas of Creation:

Dear Mr. Harun Yahya,

Or shall I call you Adnan Oktar, which your web site tells me is your birth name. I also see that you have a very impressive CV. Many universities in America would likely confess interest in your education and background, except that it is hopelessly peppered with Islamic fundamentalist ideology, a relentless disgust of Darwin theory, and an unusual penchant for blaming Darwin theory for the world”s social, political and economic ills. Our educational system at all levels tries to respect America”s embrace of equal opportunity in employment, but I dare say there are some biases that you just couldn”t get around or charm your way out of.

Not that your purpose in sending thousands of your big and very pretty books to our universities was to pick up a little work in the land of opportunity. You obviously don”t need to. On the contrary, your gift appears to be a good will package designed to win some of us over to your side. …

Sincerely yours,

The Voice of Faith: Peter Williamson, M.Div.

As I noted when news of this book first appeared in April 2007, science cannot make faith go away. Where faith exists, secularism has no power nor sway. People of faith around the world indeed do not trust secularism because deep down inside people do not want to live in an atheistic, godless universe. I am not of the Muslim faith, yet I can understand their desire to offer the world a grander vision of life and our origins.

The Atlas of Creation is an inspiring work, and like the beauty of a cathedral, will lift the spirit of those who enter. Even those who aided and abetted the faithless in the Dover case grudgingly admitted The Atlas of Creation is truly a beautiful book. God works in mysterious ways! …