Christianity, Islam and Judaism: They Can Peacefully Co-exist

Hıristiyanlık, İslam ve Musevilik bir arada barış içinde

The Prophet Muhammad was born in the Arabian Peninsula in a time where complete savagery, the absence of law and order was an everyday fact of life. However, in a short span of time, he became the means to form a bright civilization. He applied the justice revealed in the Qur’an to the inhabitants of countries that were taken over and made agreements with them that would contain both sides. Consequently, the people of these countries, regardless of their faith or ethnicity, were pleased with his justice. Taking him as their role model; the countries in the Middle East were home to Christians and Jews along with Muslims for the longest time. However, these beautiful People of the Book have had to abandon their homelands in the last decades. Let’s investigate the reason why.

News portal of Tunisia, Tunisian Monitor Online published Harun Yahya’s article.


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