Creationists in Turkey Are On A Mission To Defend Islam

On 18 September, 2009, PRI (Public Radio International), which broadcasts over more than 800 radio stations in the USA, carried a report titled "Islamic Creationism." This contained extracts from an interview with Harun Yahya by Aaron Schachter from BBC radio and went on to describe the message of the Atlas of Creation:

Creationists in Turkey are on a mission to defend their Islamic faith against Darwin”s theory of evolution.

Now a creationist in Turkey is getting a lot of attention. Adnan Oktar is his name, although he’s better known by his pen name of Harun Yahya. He’s on a mission to defend Islam…

Harun Yahya gets set for yet another TV interview as part of his mission, he contends, to defend the Abrahamic religions against Darwinhe’s built a large following throughout the Muslim world.

Yahya runs websites, holds seminars, and has written, with some amount of help, over 300 books. His latest, "The Atlas of Creation," is a 12-pound, 800-page refutation of Darwin. He delivered it unsolicited to schools and research institutes around the world.

(Harun Yahya:) " "I’m a believer in science," said Yahya [translated]. "If I had ever found any hard evidence for evolution, in the Koran or in the world, I would accept it. There are millions of fossils, but none of them ever show creatures evolving. Darwinism is nonsense, and dangerous. Despots like Stalin and Hitler used Darwin to justify murdering millions."."

The report also contained these messages, a call for all believers to unite against Darwinism and materialism, issued at a conference held by representatives of Harun Yahya at the University of Tel Aviv:

"These two irreligious philosophies, Darwinism and materialism, are the foundation of the conflict and corruption going on in the world. Because we all believe — Christians, Jews and Muslims — that God has created the entire universe out of nothing and that he dominates all that exists with his omnipotence."