Disinformation: To believe or not to believe

Disinformation: To believe or not to believe

People have always sought ways to communicate with each other and discovering what's going on. When the information is exchanged by a wide range of people, it is called mass communication. In the Twenty-First Century, the Internet has replaced the traditional media as the most popular mass media tool. While spending time with computers was considered as merely a rather eccentric hobby in the early 80s, it is now the most effective and fastest way of communicating with people even on the other end of the world. Social media, which was first born in 1995 and became widespread with the launch of Facebook, with its 1.3 billion active users, is currently the fastest way to exchange information. Yet, we can never be sure if the information we encounter is accurate or not just disinformation, which is actively used throughout social media just like in other media. 
What is disinformation?

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