Dutch website: Adnan Oktar is the name that leads Creationism in Europe

Adnan Oktarın evrim karşıtı çalışmalarının Avrupadaki etkisi Hollanda basınında


The Sargasso, one of the most popular and active websites based in Netherlands, published an article about Harun Yahya’s works refuting Darwinism. A part of this article is as below:


"When the words ‘Turkey’ and ‘evolution’ are told, the name Adnan Oktar comes to one’s mind. Starting as of next year, pupils in high schools will no longer hear about the theory of evolution in Turkey. The name Adnan Oktar is the first word that comes to mind when the words Turkey and Creationism are uttered. In the West, Adnan Oktar is known as the author who, about ten years ago, sent a thick, pleasant antievolution book with the name “The Atlas of Creation” to thousands of politicians, schools and prominent names in Europe. Many American Creationists praised this book, stating that it is full of information. Adnan Oktar has a daily three-hours long live broadcast show on A9 TV Channel in which well-groomed ladies called “kittens,” setting a role model for Turkish women, participate. Will the well-groomed ladies of Mr. Oktar be a role model for modern Turkish women? This is highly probable.”

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