Everyone wins in Turk referendum

Everyone wins in Turk referendum

The Turkish nation has witnessed President Erdogan’s services since he came to power in 2002 and even before then while he was the mayor of Istanbul. He has been the means to construct many highways, bridges, subways in Turkey which better facilitated transportation in many parts of Turkey. Yet, his local opponents and many in the West are accusing of him to be the “one man”. Let us not forget that it is reasonable to have one wise man to be in charge to lead a country than twenty who would ruin it by being at odds with each other. The nation has tried President Erdogan on many occasions for years and they have seen that he has not done anything wrong, but devoted himself completely to his country and brought wealth and benefits instead. During his incumbency, along with constructing new ways of transportation, not only did he beautify the cities by furnishing most of the streets with flowers and trees, but also transformed them into modern metropolitans using state of the art technologies. It is important that he liberated Turkey from being dependent on the IMF by paying off all its debt and forming a stable economy even though there was intense pressure both from inside and abroad. Most importantly, it is an unignorable fact that AK Party’s policy while setting off gave the devout people in the country a breathing space.  He also proved that he is consistent in his service as he has been exposed to many difficulties but always found a way to overcome them.

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