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A Report On - 04.10.2006
/Turkish Delight for Creationists

The 4 October, 2006, edition of the New York-based National Review Magazine carried an analysis by John Derbyshire titled “Turkish Delight for Creationists.” In his article, Derbyshire concentrated on the works of Adnan Oktar, who writes under the pen name Harun Yahya, and of the Science Research Foundation (BAV), of which he is the honorary president:

“Out of 34 countries, the U.S. and Turkey have the lowest acceptance of Darwin’s theories… The leading activist in Turkish Creationism is Adnan Oktar, pen name Harun Yahya, founder of BAV…

In its latest campaign, BAV has opened more than 80 "museums" in restaurants, malls, and city halls across Turkey, each stocked with fossils, posters, and eager volunteers. Oktar"s disciples use tactics cribbed from U.S. organizations like California"s Institute for Creation Research, instructing passers-by that evolution cannot explain biology"s complexity and is against the word of God.  But unlike its western counterparts, Oktar"s group claims Darwin is responsible for communism, fascism, and terrorism.  Terrorists, according to Oktar, are "social Darwinists hiding under the cloak of religion"..."

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