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Harun Yahya's (Adnan Oktar) works, written in order to communicate the Qur'an to the entire world and thus encourage people to reflect on such items of faith as God's Existence and Oneness, are having a wide global impact. In this section, you will find reports from the world press about Harun Yahya's works.

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Denmark/Politiken A Campaign About To Conquer Europe 13.09.2007
Denmark/TV 2 A Muslim Offensive Against Darwin 25.04.2007
Denmark/TV 2 blog Atlas Of Creation In Denmark 05.07.2007
Denmark/Politiken Creationism is Spreading in Europe 28.08.2007
Norway/Forskning Website Creationism In Schools 20.08.2007
Denmark/Dagbladet Information Socialism, Terrorism, Violence And War Will Come To An End With The Disappearance Of Darwinism 07.08.2007
United States/St. Luke’s Episcopal Church God Is Our Creator 21.07.2007
Australia/The Epoch Times Creation Versus Darwinism In Turkey 29.11.2006
United Kingdom/Guardian A Revelatory Book: The Evolution Deceit 03.07.2007
United Arab Emirates/Emirates Today Expo Dismisses Darwinism 01.05.2007
Denmark/Ekstra Bladet The Danish Public No Longer Believe In Evolution 29.06.2007
Spain/La Vanguardia Impact Of Atlas Of Creation in The Spanish Press 08.02.2007
Germany/Hamburger Abendblatt The Creationist Movement In Usa Is Now In Europe 11.07.2007
Germany/Die Tageszeitung Atlas Of Creation Is Depicted As An Icon In The Cultural Fight 11.07.2007
Germany/Deutschlandradio Kultur Impact Of Atlas Of Creation in Germany 10.07.2007
Netherlands, The/Trouw An Empire Of Turkish Creationism 26.07.2007
Germany/Sddeutsche Zeitung Islamic Creationism And A Book That Was Sent Round The World 30.07.2007
United States/Evolution Minute America’s Evolutionist Radio Stations Discuss The Impact Of Atlas Of Creation 20.06.2007
United States/The Asheville Citizen Times Atlas Of Creation’ Message Crosses Religious Lines 07.08.2007
Canada/The Globe and Mail France Enters Creationism Minefield 26.03.2007
Denmark/Overskrift The Impact Of Atlas Of Creation 00.00.0000
Denmark/Veritas Universalis The Impact Of Atlas Of Creation 24.04.2007
Denmark/Folketinget The Impact Of Atlas Of Creation 25.04.2007
Denmark/TV2 Bornholm A Muslim Attack On Darwin 25.04.2007
Denmark/EMU Darwinism, Creation Or intelligent Design 17.03.2007
Denmark/The Danish National Daily Jyllands-Posten A Muslim Attack On Darwin 24.04.2007
Portugal/De Rerum Natura blog About Harun Yahya 15.06.2007
Netherlands, The/ The Impact Of Atlas Of Creation 02.03.2007
Netherlands, The/The Hetkiel Blogspot Works Of Harun Yahya 04.08.2007
Poland/ The Impact Of Atlas Of Creation 23.11.2006
Greece/e-Rooster Blog The Impact Of Atlas Of Creation 01.03.2007
Hungary/Sajatossagaim Harun Yahya’s Works 14.06.2007
ek Cumhuriyeti/Zprvy The Impact Of Atlas Of Creation 18.02.2007
United States/Slate Magazine Allah’s Atlas 20.07.2007
United Kingdom/ The Impact Of Atlas Of Creation 18.07.2007
Thailand/The Bangkok Post The World is Not Young, Just Unchanged: An islamic Creationist Offers His Own Take On Anti-darwinism 26.07.2007
Canada/The Gazette Islamic Book Tackles ‘deceit’ Of Evolution 21.07.2007
Germany/Nrnberger Zeitung - Nordbayerische Zeitung Furth The Unloved Darwin 23.06.2007
United States/Foreign Policy Bizarre, Creationist Book Shows Up At Foreign Policy Magazine 18.07.2007
/The Brunei Times Atlas Of Creation’ Stuns Us 24.07.2007
India/The Times of India The Times Of india Describes The Atlas Of Creation As “rewriting History” 18.07.2007
Belgium/Daily De Standaard The Turkish Creationist Adnan Oktar States In His Atlas Of Creation That Darwinism Is The Source Of Terrorism 01.03.2007
Norway/Christine M. Jacobsen’s Social Anthropology Department Young Norwegian Muslims Are Learning islam From The Works Of Harun Yahya 01.06.2006
/ Atheism is The ''root Of Terrorism'' 22.11.2006
Switzerland/Le Matin The Impact Of Atlas Of Creation in Switzerland 02.05.2007
United States/The Journal News LoHud blog site A Big Book Weighs In On Evolution 25.06.2007
France/An Examination of The Atlas of Creation from Liege University A Stunning Example Of Creationism: A Turkish Book Triggers Evolution Debate 15.05.2007
France/One French web site The Doubts About Lucy 00.00.0000
Belgium/Europe Countries The Council Of Europe Refused To Consider A Report That Recommends Banning Creationism From Schools 26.06.2007
Germany/Humanistischer Pressedienst The Impact Of Atlas Of Creation in Germany 20.02.2007
451-500 out of 621 entries
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