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Announcements in the World Press

In addition to various advertisements introducing various books by Harun Yahya in the world press, you can also find posters distributed to publishers and libraries across the world aimed at presenting the Harun Yahya collection.

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United States/NEWSWEEK Newsweek 05.06.2004
Singapore/THE MUSLIM READER The Muslim Reader 01.07.2000
India/BOOKS TODAY Books Today 01.09.2000
Saudi Arabia/AL-BILAD Al-bilad 00.00.0000
Indonesia/DZIKRA Dzikra 00.01.2003
Indonesia/TARBAWI Tarbawi 01.06.2002
Lebanon/AL-RISALA Al-risala 00.00.0000
United Kingdom/DISCOURSE Discourse 04.11.2000
United States/LA VOZ DEL ISLAM La Voz Del Islam 00.00.0000
51-59 out of 59 entries
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