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Conferences and Fairs

Conferences dealing with the works of Harun Yahya have been held in some of the world's most renowned universities, from Australia to Canada, from Britain to Malaysia. More than 2500 such conferences have to date been staged in Turkey and abroad.

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Malaysia Pahang Islam Colloquium at Pekan Museum 19.03.2014
Sri Lanka Fact of Creation Conference at the Colombo New Town Hall 09.06.2012
Sri Lanka Collapse of Darwinism Conference at the Colombo New Town Hall 08.06.2012
Sri Lanka Conference at Amal International School 07.06.2012
Sri Lanka Harun Yahya Conference at Moors Islamic Cultural Home 06.06.2012
Singapore Conference at Darul Arqam Auditorium 04.06.2012
Singapore Conference at Al-Istiqamah Mosque 03.06.2012
Singapore Conference at En-Naeem Mosque 02.06.2012
Singapore Conference at Singapore Islamic Hub Auditorium 02.06.2012
Korea Conference at Islamic Center of Daejeon 20.09.2014
Germany Fossil Exhibition in Berlin 18.10.2014
France Rouen - France Fossil Exhibiton 11.10.2014
Germany Fossil Exhibition in Berlin 13.09.2014
Korea Seoul National University 19.09.2014
Korea World Alliance of Religions: Peace Summit 2014 (WARP) South Korea 16.09.2014
Russia Moscow International Book Fair 03.09.2014
Germany Creation of the Universe conference in Achim 29.08.2014
Netherlands, The Utrecht Fossil Exhibition 06.09.2014
Netherlands, The Rotterdam fossil exhibition 06.07.2014
Germany Clausthal University Conferences 01.05.2014
Russia International 5th Moscow Halal Expo 2014 05.06.2014
Russia Harun Yahya books at the 9th Saint Petersburg International Book Fair 23.05.2014
Russia Harun Yahya books distributed at the Moscow State University 15.05.2014
Netherlands, The Fossil Exhibition at a school in The Hague 27.05.2014
Russia Harun Yahya books introduced during the Creation Conference at the Moscow Saturn Cinema Hall 31.01.2014
Russia Moscow Arhangelskoye Church Meeting 02.02.2014
Russia The meeting held in Ortodox Church Yaroslov Patriarchate Alexiyev Monestry 05.05.2014
Romania In Bucharest Harun Yahya Conferences and Fossil Organization are organized 07.04.2014
Italy On Behalf of Adnan Oktar, Dr. Oktar Babuna Participated in the Inter-Religions Symposium Held in Rome 31.03.2014
France Harun Yahya Works Displayed at the Bourget Fair of France 18.04.2014
Malaysia Petronas Conference on The Invalidity of Darwinism - Bintulu 29.04.2014
Malaysia Malaysia Islamic Bank Conference on The Invalidity of Darwinism - Kuala Lumpur 28.04.2014
Malaysia Wilayah Mosque - Kuala Lumpur 24.04.2014
Malaysia Putra World Trade Center - Kuala Lumpur 26.04.2014
Malaysia The Masjid University (Shah Alam) 25.04.2014
Romania Fossil Exhibition at Sun Plaza 07.04.2014
Malaysia Kuala Lumpur International Bookfair 2014 (April 24 - May 4, 2014 ) 24.04.2014
Germany Our Friends Participated In The Ottoman-Prusia Night Organized In Berlin In Honor Of His Highness Sheikh Naz?m Al-Qibrisi Al- Haqqani 22.03.2014
United Kingdom Fossil Exhibition during Oxford Brookes University Conference 16.03.2014
Netherlands, The Fossil Exhibition in Islamic School in Enchede 13.03.2014
Netherlands, The Fossil Exhibition in Islamic school in Rotterdam 03.03.2014
Austria Harun Yahya books and DVDs at Ijaz International conference in Vienna 20.01.2014
Tataristan Euro-Asia-Expo in Kazan (October, 3-6, 2013) 03.10.2013
Sweden Gothenburg International Book Fair 25.09.2013
Hong Kong S.A.R. Kowloon Mosque Fossil Exhibition 01.10.2013
Netherlands, The Fossil Exhibition in Rosendaal the Netherlands 21.09.2013
Russia Moscow International Book Fair 05.09.2013
Netherlands, The Fossil Exhibition in Scheveningen 30.08.2013
Germany Clausthal University Conference 19.07.2013
Indonesia Harun Yahya Conferences in Indonesia 01.01.2009
1-50 out of 396 entries
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