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Articles in the World Press
Harun Yahya's articles are published in newspapers, magazines and web sites in many countries throughout the world, from Malaysia to Britain, and from India to Canada and Bahrain. In this section, you can find articles on faith, political issues and other subjects.
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Saudi Arabia/Arab News Another Cold War is out of question 19.04.2014
Burma/Burma Times How does it feel to be a Rohingya? 17.04.2014
United Kingdom/Al-Quds Al-Arabi Muslims Invite People to Islam Intellectually and With Kindness; They do not Terrorize Countries with Suicide Attacks 17.04.2014
Pakistan/Opinion Maker Can all the parties in Turkey unite? 15.04.2014
Bangladesh/Blitz How innocent are the acts of occupation in city squares? 14.04.2014
Malaysia/Harakah Daily Behind the persecution in Myanmar 13.04.2014
Yemen/National Yemen How Can Yemen Best Make Use of Its Natural Wealth? 13.04.2014
United Kingdom/Hiba Magazine - United Kingdom The Flawless Harmony between Eyes and Ears 14.04.2014
United Kingdom/Arab News CAR wronged by colonial mindset 12.04.2014
Bosnia and Herzegovina/The Bosnia Times CAR wronged by colonial mindset 12.04.2014
United Kingdom/Al-Quds Al-Arabi Building a new civilization 10.04.2014
Pakistan/Daily Mail The Kurds in the PKK-Ba'ath-Alleged Terror Organization Ergenekon Triangle 10.04.2014
Iran/Tehran Times Iran-Turkey: Relations of old friends 09.04.2014
Morocco/El Haber Interview with Mr Adnan Oktar (Harun Yahya) 16.03.2014
Saudi Arabia/Arab News Life of this world is a brief test 11.04.2014
Iran/Iran Teraz Magazine There is no terrorism in Islam 15.02.2014
Russia/Pravda Isolated Russia 08.04.2014
Saudi Arabia/Arab News Freedom spurs growth 27.03.2014
Saudi Arabia/Arab News What is next for AKP after poll win? 02.04.2014
Palestine/Al Hadath Understanding Lebanon 02.04.2014
Pakistan/The Frontier Post What awaits Turkey after elections? 29.03.2014
United States/ Is Africa Condemned to Hunger and Famine? 19.03.2014
Bangladesh/Blitz People of Equanimity Must Collaborate to Establish Peace 21.03.2014
Pakistan/Daily Mail Traces of the Ottoman Empire in Our Foreign Policy 18.04.2014
Pakistan/Opinion Maker Afghanistans Future Depends on Pakistans Democratic Success 24.03.2014
Pakistan/Opinion Maker Turkey, friend of the innocent! 19.03.2014
Pakistan/Opinion Maker Meeting Between Prime Minister Erdogan and Barzani 12.03.2014
Pakistan/Opinion Maker Sectarian Conflicts and the Sounds of Civil War once more in the Middle East 01.03.2014
Umman/Times of Oman Not a struggle against men or armies, but ideologies 23.03.2014
Saudi Arabia/Rohingya News Agency Muslims are Responsible for All Muslims in the World 04.03.2014
Saudi Arabia/Rohingya News Agency Rohingya: Tough test for a nascent democracy 22.02.2014
Saudi Arabia/Rohingya News Agency A Cry for Help to the U.N. from Rohingya of Myanmar 31.01.2014
Saudi Arabia/Rohingya News Agency The Silent Massacre of Rohingya 28.01.2014
Spain/MBC Times International A single example is enough to see how Darwinism is an utter nonsense 06.03.2014
Spain/MBC Times International Building a New Civilization 18.03.2014
Egypt/ The Extraordinary Design of the Eye 27.11.2013
Egypt/ Science Upholds Creation, not Evolution 18.12.2013
Egypt/ The Scientific Collapse of Materialism 17.11.2013
Egypt/ Religion Helps Science to Be Rightly Guided 06.12.2013
Yemen/National Yemen How To Ensure The National Unity Of Yemen? 21.03.2014
Palestine/Al Hadath The Unending Storm in the Middle East: SECTARIAN WARS 18.03.2014
Umman/Times of Oman Salvation of the Kurds 18.03.2014
Israel/YTNEWS Turkey's unforgettable Jewish history 11.03.2014
United States/Aaila The Muslim Family Magazine The Hidden Spirit of Heaven: Love and Marriage 07.03.2014
Pakistan/Daily Mail Islam condemns radicalism 11.03.2014
Saudi Arabia/Arab News How many Halabjas will make us act? 15.03.2014
Malaysia/New Straits Times All women are born with their rights intact 10.03.2014
Umman/Times of Oman Turkey should avoid being in Shanghai Five 09.03.2014
Yemen/National Yemen Yemen, But What Sort Of Yemen? 08.03.2014
Afghanistan/Wadsam Afghan Business News Economic instabilities in the world would completely end with the moral values of the Quran 28.02.2014
1-50 out of 539 entries
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