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Articles in the World Press
Harun Yahya's articles are published in newspapers, magazines and web sites in many countries throughout the world, from Malaysia to Britain, and from India to Canada and Bahrain. In this section, you can find articles on faith, political issues and other subjects.
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Yemen/National Yemen The problems of Yemen can be solved when a strong national security is built 15.12.2014
United States/JSS News Living Side by Side in Jerusalem 15.12.2014
United Kingdom/Urdu Times A call for peace and solidarity: Papal Visit to Turkey 14.12.2014
New Zealand/Indian Newslink Air strikes cannot eliminate ISIS 14.12.2014
Pakistan/Daily Mail How can Egypt Pick up Speed on the Road to Normalization? 13.12.2014
Bangladesh/Blitz The Rise and Fall of PKK Propaganda 15.12.2014
Israel/Times of Israel Living side by side in Jerusalem 12.12.2014
Russia/Pravda Russia and Turkey can save EU from economic recession 11.12.2014
United States/Taqwa Magazine Because everyone is old enough to die 08.12.2014
Pakistan/Daily Mail What can European countries do against the Tide of Migration? 08.12.2014
Birle?ik Arap Emirlikleri/Arabian Gazette History Repeats Itself 13.12.2014
United Arab Emirates/Arabian Gazette Turkeys energy vision as a bridge for peace 07.12.2014
Yemen/National Yemen Yemen doesnt deserve to be a failed country 07.12.2014
Pakistan/Riyadh Vision When Will the Meskhetian Turks Return to their Homeland? 08.12.2014
Burma/Burma Times Are the boat people a burden for Thailand? 07.12.2014
United States/ How Can USA Get out of the Recession? 07.12.2014
Saudi Arabia/Arab News Gaining at the expense of others 06.12.2014
United States/Al Hikmat Muslims love each other for Allah 01.11.2014
Saudi Arabia/Arab News A journey to the eternal life 05.12.2014
United Kingdom/Urdu Times How can USA get out of the recession? 04.12.2014
India/Indian Muslim Observer An intellectual struggle based on education is required to bring an end to terror 22.11.2014
India/Indian Muslim Observer Turkey-Iran Bilateral Relations 05.10.2014
Spain/MBC Times International Turkey should be famous for its respect for women and women rights 03.12.2014
India/Caravan Daily Fight ISIS Ignorance With True Light 30.11.2014
United Arab Emirates/Arabian Gazette Seeking the American Dream 04.12.2014
United Arab Emirates/Arabian Gazette Defeating the Proliferation of Radicalism 16.11.2014
United Arab Emirates/Arabian Gazette Humanitarian Intervention: A Pretext to Serve Self Interest 16.11.2014
Pakistan/The Patriot When nations fail to learn from past 15.11.2014
Spain/MBC Times International The European Union Is Paying the Price for Having an Economic Nature above all Else 02.12.2014
Spain/MBC Times International When Will the Meskhetian Turks Return to their Homeland? 02.12.2014
Bangladesh/Blitz The European Union Is Paying the Price for Having an Economic Nature above all Else 02.12.2014
Pakistan/Daily Mail Energy sources cannot be used unless peace is attained in Cyprus 01.12.2014
Yemen/National Yemen Will the new Government in Yemen bring stability? 01.12.2014
Malaysia/The Malaysian Insider Are the boat people a burden for Thailand? 30.11.2014
United Kingdom/ Arakan Rohingya National Organisation 01.12.2014
Kuwait/Truth Seeker The Heating System of the Winter Moth 04.11.2014
Kuwait/Truth Seeker Dragonflies: Flight Machines 01.11.2014
Kuwait/Truth Seeker Tale of Transition from Water to Land 21.10.2014
Kuwait/Truth Seeker Life in the Desert 15.10.2014
Kuwait/Truth Seeker Defending Darwinism Facilitates Communisms Spread 09.10.2014
Kuwait/Truth Seeker Allahs Different Forms of Creation 14.09.2014
Kuwait/Truth Seeker Compass in the Ants Eye 29.08.2014
Kuwait/Truth Seeker Blind Termites Building Skyscrapers 14.08.2014
United States/ A General Amnesty Would Be Complicity in Murder 02.12.2014
Yemen/National Yemen Airstrikes hit the global economy 24.11.2014
Pakistan/The Frontier Post Waging ideological battle against IS 30.11.2014
Pakistan/The Frontier Post Two wrongs dont make a right 22.11.2014
Pakistan/The Frontier Post Kobani: Pinning hopes on PKK is dangerous 12.10.2014
Israel/Jerusalem Post When will Jerusalem know peace? 29.11.2014
United States/ There Is No Difference between the PYD and PKK Both Are Terror Organizations 28.11.2014
1-50 out of 1039 entries
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