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Letters of Appreciation

This section contains examples of letters of appreciation from rectors and academic staff from the worlds most respected universities, ministers, members of Congress, members of the press and other readers who have received copies of Harun Yahya's works.

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Germany Stifland School Hubert Wenisch
Germany The Bishop of Trier Bishop Dr. Stephen Ackermann
Switzerland Private Clerk Of The Presidency Of The Republic Of Switzerland Fridolin Bargetzi
India Professor Of Chemistry At The National Open University Of indra Gandhi Prof. S. Kannan
United States Assistant Coordinator Of The University Of Colombia, New York Matthew A. Hampel
United Kingdom Library Syndicate Cambridge University Library
United States Founder Of The Open Society institute George Soros
Israel Ehud Tokatly Writer, Educator
United States Joel Richardson American Christian Human Rights Activist, Author And Speaker
United Kingdom Director Of Ta Ha Publishers Ta Ha Publishers Ltd.
Spain Spain, Ministry Of The interior .
Germany Armando B. Fernandez, Jr. Consul General
Italy Verbania Provincial Education Department Ministry Of Education
Italy Gianluigi Gabetti President, ifil investment
Italy . Verona Capitolare Library
Italy Vittoria Mascia Ministry Of Education Verbania Provincial Education Department
Turkey Sabah J. Omran Ambassador Of The Republic Of iraq
Netherlands, The University Of Utrecht Professor Emeritus Of intercultural Theology
Poland Adama Mickiewicza University Director, institute Of Physical Geography
Germany Markus Becker Spiegel Online, Staff Writer
Germany Martin Gross Siemens, Chief Executive’s Office
Thailand Kanya Chaiman Ambassador Of Thailand
Italy Ncona-osimo Archiepiscopal Archive, Office Of Cultural Affairs Mons. Cesare Recanatini
Italy Nicola Mancino Higher Council Of The Magistracy
Italy Ministry Of Cultural Assets And Activities S. Giustina National Works Library P.d. Francesco G.b. Trolese O.s.b.
Italy Bari Polytechnic University Salvatore Marzano
Italy Ministry Of Cultural Assets And Activities Bari National Dr. Angela Adriana Cavarra
France High School Teacher Mrs. Dominique Dhainaut
United States Lucas Film Ltd. Anne Merrifield On Behalf Of George Lucas
United States University Of Rochester Ronald F. Dow
Netherlands, The Hanna Blok Writer
Turkey Ambassador Of The Republic Of iraq Sabah J. Omran
United States Hawaii Bishop Of Honolulu Larry Silva, Bishop Of Honolulu
United States Texas Bishop Of Victoria David E. Fellhauer
United States Ohio State University Karen A. Holbrook
United Kingdom Burleigh Community College John Smith, Principal
France Jean-pierre Reveau National Treasurer
Mexico Sandra Fuentes-berain Ambassador Of Mexico
France National Museum Of Prehistory Museum Curator
France Senator For Haut-rhin French Senate
Luxembourg School Director Vauban Freench High School
Switzerland Thonex Administrative Council Administrative Council Representative
Luxembourg Grand Ducal Palace Attach’s Office
United States Lucas Film Ltd. Anne Merrifield On Behalf Of George Lucas
France Alain Jupp Mayor Of Bordeaux And Former French Prime Minister
United States Sheila Harter, On Behalf Of Louise Slaughter Member Of Congress
Rusya Federasyonu Prof. Yuri Chernyshov Head Of The World History And international Relations Department, Altai State University
United Kingdom Colleen Carter Personal Assistant To The Vice-chancellor
Spain Federico Trillo-figueroa Defense Minister
United Kingdom Michael Ancram House Of Commons
1-50 out of 121 entries
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