No more cries in the Islamic world

İslam dünyasındaki acılara son

The most effective solution in this area of conflict lies in the amicable relations between the countries. Russia, Turkey and Iran have been wise enough to realize this fact and formed an alliance to stop the bloodshed in Syria. Through this alliance, the first solid steps were taken concerning peace in the region. In the Moscow summit these three states realized that the solution in Syria could not be achieved through military means but rather by diplomacy and alliance. This outlook is not valid for only Syria but for all the ongoing wars since conflicts rise as a result of disputes between parties. Even though everyone knows that the disputes cannot be resolved militarily, some still resort to arms. Either by provocations of the West or by its direct involvement, Muslims are killing other Muslims with the pretense of war.

Leading liberal website Huffington Post’s Arabic publication HuffPost Arabi, based in London, published Harun Yahya’s article.