The Impact Of Harun Yahya”s Anti-evolution Works in The Islamic World

A report headed “Evolution Arguments Headed for Islamic World” on the Live Science web site considered the fierce opposition to the theory of evolution in the Islamic world and emphasized that only a very small minority of around 8%-16% believed in the theory. (The same report also appeared on 11 December 2008 on the Fox News portal.) The report said that Darwinist scientists looking to the Islamic world would find themselves confronted by anti-evolution efforts, “including the ‘Atlas of Creation,’ a glossy 850-page color volume produced by Muslim creationist Adnan Oktar who goes by the name of Harun Yahya.” In addition, the report also noted that Muslims believe that Islam and science are compatible, and that the great majority of people reject the theory of evolution, equating it with atheism. 

The result of millions of people reading for some 20 years Harun Yahya”s works demolishing the theory of evolution is that a vast number of people are today aware of the evolution deception. The Islamic world is now on its guard against Darwinism, the supposedly scientific foundation of atheist ideologies, and possesses the education with which to demolish this false theory with scientific evidence.