Women; more than just statistics

Kadın Nimetinden Mahrum Bir Dünya

Yet women, one of the most beautiful aspects of our lives, live under constant oppression. Sometimes they suffer unfair insults and disrespect when they should be treated with love and courtesy instead. In some circles, societal rules and peer pressure always tend to dominate women and dictate how to live their lives. Most women’s husbands, fathers, brothers, relatives, bosses, colleagues and teachers virtually deem it a duty to curtail their freedoms. Billions of women are seen as potential sinners at any given moment and treated as beings that need to be kept under constant control. This is a widespread disease that afflicts the entire world. Whether the man who enforces this system of oppression lives in the East or the West, an atheist or religious, a scientist or an illiterate usually does not change this fact.

The Borneo Post, established in 1978, is the largest and widest read English newspaper daily in East Malaysia. The Borneo Post published Harun Yahya’s article.