A death-dealing journey for a better life

 Daha İyi Bir Hayat İçin Ölümüne Yolculuk

Fear… Have you ever wondered how it feels like to live life in a constant state of fear? First you probably have to experience extreme difficulty in order to understand the magnitude of the danger that the Rohingyas are in. However since that will likely not be possible, you can never truly understand or feel how a Rohingya residing in the Rakhine State lives with threat for his or her life. They live through this persistent fear and continue their lives in very harsh conditions in several registered or mostly unregistered camps. 

Al Hikmat Magazine is a bi-monthly publication of faith topics, serving the Muslim and the non-Muslim community for over 30 years. Harun Yahya’s article published in Al Hikmat can be read at the below link.



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