Adnan Oktar Challenges Evolutionists All Over The World

El Pais, the most popular daily newspaper published in Spain with more than 2 million readers, devoted a place to a news item titled “6 Billion Euros to the One Who Proves the Theory of Evolution” on the 29th of September, 2008. In the article, it was noted that Adnan Oktar had challenged all evolutionists throughout the world:

Turkish creationist challenges the scientific community for solid evidence that shows the origin of species. Turkish creationist offers ten trillion Turkish liras, almost 6.2 billion euros, to the one who shows that the theory of evolution is right. 52 year-old Harun Yahya claims that there are no transitional form fossils. The 800-page Atlas of Creation, which was published in 2006, includes fossils from all over the world and proves that these are the same as their current versions. If one brings evidence that proves the theory of evolution, he notes that he will pay the amount he promised.

… Yahya who held an interview with the German weekly Der Spiegel, where he defined Darwinism as an “evil conspiracy” and noted that it caused the disasters of the twentieth century such as Nasizm and Stalinizm. Moreover, he names Muslim terrorists as Darwinists: “If you look you will see that terrorist organizations that call themselves Muslim are Darwinists and atheists. But someone who has sincere faith generally does not launch bombs that kill people here and there. Those who make the bombs are people who appear as Muslims when they are not. It is clear that Darwinists or communists who perpetrate such terror are terrorists. Therefore, all of them are Darwinists.” Oktar also adds that Muslim terrorists are generally trained overseas and are thus influenced by evolutionist opinions.