Adnan Oktar:”10 Pages Of My Book Can Defeat Dawkins”

The Wall Street Journal, the New York-based international financial and current affairs daily, carried a report titled “An Islamic Creationist Stirs a New Kind of Darwinian Struggle” in its 18 March, 2009, issue in its Europe and Asia edition. In the report of the paper, which has a daily readership of 2 million, carried extracts from Andrew Higgins” interview with Mr. Adnan Oktar.

The report stated that Mr. Oktar had challenged Dawkins, as a pagan priest, to a debate, and that he had offered a prize of 10 million Turkish lira to anyone producing a single fossil proving evolution. The report also carried a picture of the cover of the Atlas. The principle passages in the article read as follows:

Mr. Oktar Has Plenty of Fans in Turkey… Adnan Oktar … is working on the fifth volume of a 14-part masterwork that he says will bury Darwinism once and for all.

"Darwin and his theory are dead," says Mr. Oktar, founder and honorary president of the Science Research Foundation, an Istanbul outfit dedicated to debunking the Victorian-era English naturalist. Darwin[ism], says [Mr. Oktar], is "SATAN”S BIGGEST TRICK ON HUMANITY."

… The physical weight of Mr. Oktar”s work … is considerable. Each volume of his anti-Darwin magnum opus, "Atlas of Creation," weighs more than 13 pounds. … His "Atlas of Creation" produces thousands of pictures of fossils of birds, snakes and other creatures side by side with what he says are their identical modern kin. … Mr. Oktar … believes that "JUST 10 PAGES OF MY BOOK CAN DEFEAT DAWKINS."