Bizarre, Creationist Book Shows Up At Foreign Policy Magazine

The sending of the Atlas of Creation to the directors of Foreign Policy magazine, based in Washington D.C. but distributed on a global basis, was received with amazement and astonishment. A report titled “Bizarre, creationist book shows up at Foreign Policy magazine,” appeared on the Foreign Policy blog, prepared by its editors. The readership of the magazine, one of whose founders was the famous political scientist Samuel P. Huntington, is composed of politicians and senior economists. The magazine’s web site, which attracts some 40,000 visitors a day, drew attention to Harun Yahya’s “promisingly titled books,” Only Love Can Defeat Terrorism and Islam Denounces Terrorism, as well as to the Atlas of Creation itself. In addition, it recommended that Muslims and non-Muslims alike should be mailed copies of these books or people should be directed to the author’s web sites “Islam Denounces Antisemitism” and “Islam Denounces Terrorism” in order to see that Islam is truly a religion of peace. By providing links to the sites and the editors of Foreign Policy are leading the way in turning people in this direction.

The section of the article that deals with the Atlas of Creation refers to it in these terms:

Copies of a strange, enormous, beautiful book arrived unsolicited at Foreign Policy magazine and its publisher, the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, last month. The Atlas of Creation uses 759 heavy, glossy pages to illustrate its author’s view that the scientific theory of evolution is just plain wrong. The thick, 11-by-15-inch tome, with hologram-like images on its cover, was written by a mysterious Turkish man, Harun Yahya (whose real name is Adnan Oktar). Nearly every page features brilliant color photos of fossils and animals, all which supposedly prove that creationism is correct, and evolution is balderdash.

On page after page, the same formulaic argument appears, which is typified by this quote from a page with a photo of a 150-million-year-old shrimp fossil:

“Since shrimp first came into existence, they have always displayed all the same organs and characteristics as they have today and have undergone no changes in all that time. This shrimp fossil shows plainly that evolution is an imaginary scenario.” (p. 110)

The book has been mailed … to scientists, academics, members of Congress, museums, and now apparently think tanks across the United States. Copies have also turned up in France.