Conference: Scientific Refutation Of Darwinism At The University Of Auckland

Scoop, a news site established in New Zealand in 1999 with almost 450,000 visitors per month and awarded with the Best Web Site award in 2007 with for serious journalism in political and economic fields, published an item titled “Conference: Scientific Refutation of Darwinism at the University of Auckland” on the 15th of July, 2011. In the item, it announced that representatives of Mr. Adnan Oktar’s will hold a series of conferences that scientifically refute Darwinismwho is very well known globally. In the news, these lines were noted:

The conferences on Islam and Science – Lectures on “scientific Refutation of Darwinism” will take place at Auckland University, between Friday July 15-20, 2011.

The program is organised by Voice of Islam, a local charitable trust that promotes an understanding of the Islamic faith to all New Zealanders.

These conferences are based on the works of Mr. Adnan Oktar (also known as Harun Yahya) who is very well known globally. (See…

 He has written more than 300 books, which have been translated into more than 75 languages and are available in 178 countries throughout the world. 

He is known as the most prominent proponent of Creationism.

BBC documentary relates the following, “Darwin’s Dangerous Idea, “he is an increasingly influential figure in Creationism.”

Some international media spotlights on Harun Yahya include:

“… Muslim Creationist Tour France Denouncing Darwin” (Reuters)

Turkish Creationist, Harun Yahya challenges Dawkins” (The Guardian, UK)

Harun Yahya, the leading creationist in the Muslim world” (Slate, USA)

At the present time Harun Yahya is the loudest voice in the debate over evolution in the Islamic world.” (Science Magazine, USA)

Harun Yahya is an international hero. His books have spread everywhere in the Islamic world. He has developed his own Islamic Creationism.” (New Scientist, UK)

Muslim Creationist are now to the fore… The main figure here is the Muslim-Turkish creationist Harun Yahya…” (Die Welt, Germany)