“Creationist books at the mail boxes in Belgium”

The website of RTBF, the Belgium Radio Television Board, which owns four TV channels and radio stations that broadcast in the French-speaking region of Belgium, reported that creationist Harun Yahya books that explain how everything is created by God, were distributed in Brussels (the Evolution Deceit, Some Secrets of Quran, God is Known through Reason). The article also informed that “Atlas of Creation” which is a sort of encyclopedia on the invalidity of evolution, was presented to many politicians as a gift.

The article also offers information on the author: “Harun Yahya, the author of many books inspired by the Quran is an influential writer. His real name is Adnan Oktar and has a TV programme where he talks about the Quran. He is also known to be very successful in the West, his books were presented to many politicians, academicians and leaders in the recent years.