Darwinism Conference at the St. Nicholas Church of the Moscow State University

On 9th December 2014, there was introduction of Archpriest Konstantin Bufeev’s book “Orthodox doctrine and the theory of evolution” and also conference on Darwinism.

Harun Yahya’s representatives gave a lecture on the refutation of the evolution theory and introduced Harun Yahya’s works to the audience.

Harun Yahya’s Russian books (Atlas of Creation and Evolution Deceit) were presented to the academicians from theology schools in Moscow, and the priests of various churches in Moscow who participated in the conference as speakers, and to the professors and attendees from the Moscow State University and California University.

Archpriest Konstantin Bufeev, Moscow Theology Academy Archpriest and academician Andrey Rahnovskiy

Jesus Christ presentation to humanity Church-Theology Schoool Archpriest Skurat