Darwinists Fear They Will Be Unable To Teach Evolution To The Next Generation

The 20 May, 2008, issue of Current Biology, a biology journal published in the USA, noted the rise in creationist belief in Turkey. The activities of the Science Research Foundation were depicted as the main reason for this change in Turkey in the journal, widely read by academic circles. The article in question described the alarm felt at the defeat of the theory of evolution, and went on to say:

 …Turkish biologists have much to be worried about; the drift to Islamism is creeping ahead in the perception of many academics… Ankara is now the centre of the battle against the rise of creationism in Turkey.

…Turkey seems to be becoming a major centre of creationism not just in the Middle East. The Science Research Foundation (BAV), a secretive that has led a challenge to evolutionary theory in Turkey for 15 years boasts: “Not just the Middle East, the world.”

Headed by Adnan Oktar, BAV made headlines internationally in February last year when it mailed copies of a weighty and lavishly illustrated Atlas of Creation to teachers and researchers both in Turkey and worldwide…
When the teachers are surveyed (in Turkey) rejection of evolution because of the conflict with their religious views was higher among the young teachers, researchers say…

If this trend continues, researchers fear that they will not be able to teach science and evolution to the coming generations.”

The evolutionists also state their concerns about the future of evolutionary studies in the country.