De Morgen Notes Harun Yahya Conferences In Belgium

De Morgen, a daily paper published in Dutch in the city of Brussels, Belgium, devoted a place to Harun Yahya conferences in an article dated October 14th, 2011. The so-called article of the socialist paper with a circulation of 55.000 was published on the cover with the title “Darwin was a fraud”.

In the article, it is told:

Man does not come from apes. Darwin is a fraud and the theory of evolution is a fallacy. Such thoughts are the main theme of a series of conferences organized in our country. Those who organized this are people from the Harun Yahya community known as Turkish Islamic Creationists.

In this article that emphasizes the panic in Darwinist circles, one part of what is written about the Harun Yahya conferences in Belgium was as follows:

The supporters of Harun Yahya who refute evolution organize conferences in the major cities of Belgium. The first conference was held at the hall of the Leuven Catholic University yesterday evening. At one corner of the hall there are animal and plant fossils inside showcases and their current pictures. Ali Sadun Engin explains, “Nothing has changed, look at the details. This is the strongest proof that the theory of evolution is not correct.”

… Ali Sadun Engin will give a conference about “Darwinism: Fact or Fiction?” The first slide reads “Life was created”, there are pictures of leopard, lion, a cute child, rabbits, the sea and other nature phenomena. The next slide reads, “Science is part of religion”. And a number of verses from the Qur’an are shown to explain this. Moreover, Engins says this to prove that there are many religious scientists. For example, Einstein, Newton, Kepler, they all have a picture and a short biography on a slide. Ali Sadun Engin came here to tell Harun Yahya’s views, which he represents.

Four years ago, thousands of universities, high schools in Europe, and in ours, were sent the Atlas of Creation… The author Adnan Oktar is known better as Harun Yahya. Rectors and assistant professors reacted in a surprised and tense manner… Some Muslims students in our country explained that they did not believe the theory of evolution during some television interviews. Then there was silence. But now Harun Yahya is back and there are six conferences planned in Belgium. His Europe tour brought him to Holland and France this year.

Harun Yahya… set up a TV channel that belongs to him a short while ago. This is important for Harun Yahya to reach European people. In our country, Turks only watch satellite channels. For example, this channel was introduced in Rotterdam, Holland with big posters on trams and busses.

The Atlas of Creation is being displayed at the hall of the Leuven Catholic University. It weighs five kilos and these are only two volumes. Ali Sadun Engin proudly says, “There is a total of seven volumes.” There are also other books on display with the Atlas; about Hitler and his genocide. Engin says: “Hitler was a Darwinist, and thus he applied genocide.” There are also children’s books, and books about nature in Dutch. Engin says, “Harun Yahya wrote more than 300 books.”