Doomed to hunger through unlawful warfare strategy, Syria, Yemen starve

 21. Yüzyılın Dehşeti: Silahların Gölgesinde Açlıktan Ölen Bebekler

Technical measures should doubtlessly be a priority. However, what will ensure a definitive solution in the region is the formation of a rationalistic alliance by the countries of the region. Key steps should be taken following the ceasefire, which will contribute towards ensuring peace in the region, particularly under the guarantee of Russia, Iran and Turkey. In order to achieve this, it is essential that the relevant parties make decisions on common grounds and make their implementation a priority;  all necessary measures must be implemented to stop the bloodshed in the region, and actions that will squash terrorism must be taken as well, and an end to Western intervention is necessary. Such a solution can only be achieved by powerful alliances.

129 years old daily newspaper of South Africa, The Star is regarded as the most influential newspaper of the country. The Star published Harun Yahya’s article.

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