Dr. Oktar Babuna explained the invalidity of Darwinism in Zain Khan’s show

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Dr. Oktar Babuna participated in the program “Tactical Talk” hosted by Zain Khan, an activist and documentary producer in Pakistan as a representative of Harun Yahya. In this program Dr. Babuna explained the scientific invalidity of Darwinism and the signs of Creation.

Dr. Fazale Rana, the American biochemist who was a speaker in the conference, “The Origin of Life and the Universe” held in Istanbul on August 24th, 2016, also participated in the program. Dr. Babuna and Dr. Rana spoke about the technological inadequacies prevailing in Darwin’s time, the impossibility of even one protein’s coming into existence by chance, the abundance of fossils proving Creation whereas there exists not a single fossil proving Darwinism, and the origin of the universe.