Dr. Oktar Babuna exposes the Darwinist Dictatorship

Dr. Oktar Babuna’nın ağzından “Darwinist Diktatörlüğün İfşası”

Dr. Oktar Babuna’nın ağzından “Darwinist Diktatörlüğün İfşası”

On September 3rd, 2016, Dr. Oktar Babuna participated in Russia’s National TV Channel Tsargrad TV and explained the invalidity of Darwinism in the scientific sense and how it is imposed on the entire world. Upon this Katehon, Russia’s prominent think-tank, drew attention to Dr. Babuna’s statements by an article with the headline, “Darwinist Dictatorship’s Disclosure.”

Some of Dr. Oktar Babuna’s statements published by Katehon are as follows:

Darwinism asserts that all living things evolved into others over billions of years by random mechanisms, by chance. Evolution has to show us the transitions, for example, of half-fish, half-reptiles, and half-birds through fossils. But if we look at the six hundred million fossils that we have today, then we cannot find even a single transitional form. This means that species appeared complete and perfectly formed, i.e., were created. This is what science tells us. There is not a single piece of evidence that supports Darwinism.

So, we can ask: why is this theory supported world-wide? Because evolution is atheism. The reason why Darwin is defended by so many scientists all around the world is in order to keep atheism alive.

This piece telling about Dr. Oktar Babuna’s interview on Tsargrad TV is also published at the Spanish page of Katehon as well.