Gai Eaton ( Former British Diplomat, President Of The London Central Mosque Trust & The islamic Cultural Centre )


I have now had the opportunity to look through"The Evolution Deceit". Without having had the time to read the book from cover to cover, I can see that this is probably the most important book published by any Islamic Publisher for many years. I am not sure how far our fellow Muslims understand the threat which evolutionary theory poses to religious faith, but this theory has done more than anything else to destroy belief in God among Westerners. I think that many educated Muslims simply take the theory for granted without fully considering its implications. What the author of this marvellous book has done is to bring together, in a very readable way, all the latest evidence (often derived from evolutionary scientists) which undermines the whole theory.

I should be grateful for a review copy. Ishall in any case have to purchase two or three more copies for friends. I have for example a friend living in Cairo, an English Muslim of my age who nominally accepted Islam many years ago, but who told me recently in a letter that he cannot really "believe" because he accepts totally the theory of evolution and cannot reconcile this with the faith of Islam. It has seemed almost like a small miracle that "The Evolution Deceit" has turned up at this very moment.

I congratulate you warmly on having published the book. In fact I feel that Iowe you a debt of thanks for doing so.

Gai Eaton,
Former British Diplomat
President of The London Central Mosque Trust & The Islamic Cultural Centre