Glass Ceilings, Invisible Obstacles

Cam Tavanlar, Görünmeyen Engeller

It is a fact that women leaders and managers are much more common nowadays compared to the past- even as far as 20 years ago. Women’s participation rate in business life is increasing day by day due to factors such as the development of the intellectual and sociocultural structure of our age, the increase in women’s level of education, the creation of trade union rights that support their employment and the emergence of new fields of work. However, despite all these positive developments, the large majority of women are still struggling with inequality and injustice in business life as well as social life. Even though the number of women actively participating in the business world is increasing, they still face many obstacles in advancing to higher executive positions.

Daily Arabic newspaper of Iraq, Az-Zaman is based in Baghdad and is published in London, Baghdad and Beirut simultaneously. Az-Zaman is the most read daily paper of Iraq and the prominent news resource. It was founded in 1997 and has weekly English edition as well.

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