Harun Yahya Books Caught French Teachers Off Guard

The Washington Post, the most long-established political daily published in Washington DC and followed worldwide, pointed out Harun Yahya’s effect on the column titled “How Will the Arab Spring Affect Religion and Science?” on its web site dated May 10th, 2011. The article, which focused on science in the world of Islam, it was noted that with the arrival of Harun Yahya’s work called Atlas of Creation to educational institutes, teachers were left in a difficult situation in the face of students’ objections against evolution. The article, which was another example of the panic caused by the Atlas of Creation in Darwinist circles, these lines were noted:

… The scientists said a hot topic of late has been creationism, apparently fueled by a controversial, colorful Turk named Harun Yahya who has sent thousands of enormous, glossy picture books making his case to Western schools… They characterized his movement had resonated among young Muslims attracted to its ideas about numerology and miracles allegedly presented in the Koran. Bruno Guiderdoni, director of research at the French National Centre for Scientific Research, said the controversy of Yahya’s books played out a particular way in France, where a strongly secular culture left high-school teachers totally unprepared about how to talk about the subject.