“harun Yahya: Win Over Darwinism”

Evolutionist web sites have shown considerable interest in the interview headed "Harun Yahya: Win over Darwinism" that appeared in Arab News, reporting the news of the collapse of Darwinism as if it were a disaster.  (You can read the entire text that appeared in Arab News below or from HERE.)

Adnan Oktar’s Atlas of Creation has been instrumental in the liberation of science from the indoctrination of certain circles and in the growth of a major global awareness, especially in Europe. This significant work, which has put an end to the Darwinist conception imposed on people was enough on its own to demolish a theory that Darwinists had constructed over 150 years. By questioning the theory of evolution The  Atlas of Creation quickly enabled people to see the difference between science and nonsense. Indeed, the results of this change have swiftly been reflected in opinion polls conducted in various countries. (You can access the poll findings from here.)

"Harun Yahya Defeats Darwinism"

"Harun Yahya: Win over Darwinism"

“Harun Yahya is the pen name of Adnan Oktar,
a prominent Turkish intellectual and writer based in Istanbul.
His research findings, proving the fallacy of Darwinism,
 have won him international acclaim.”