Harun Yahya Works And Conferences Destroyed Evolution In England

In an article written by atheist evolutionist Steve Jones in The Daily Telegraph, a British daily paper with a circulation of 650,000, anti-evolutionist protests in the University of London were noted. In his article, Mr. Jones stated that Muslim students in the University of London were very successful, hardworking and talented and they refused the theory of evolution. In addition, he continues by mentioning that Dr. Oktar Babuna gave a lecture about the invalidity of evolution at the University of London as a representative of Harun Yahya:

… (A Dr. Babuna, as I remember) was invited on to campus to give an account of why The Origin is wrong. He was the scion of an extraordinary anti-evolution organization based in his native land that has sent out thousands of lavishly illustrated creationist books and has linked Darwinism to Nazism and worse.

In England, which was once considered the fortress of Darwinism, it is a known fact that the theory of evolution is an unscientific theory and a hoax. Moreover, since students have detailed and convincing sources in England, where Harun Yahya”s works have an immense following, they are able to oppose evolutionary lies with a steadfast certainty and logic as they have true scientific facts and evidence to support their claims.