Harun Yahya’s article about the Jews and Muslims living along in peace in the Israeli Press

Prof. Michael Laitman who has a degree of Onthology and Kabbalah, published an article in Haaretz with the title: "Can coexistence rise out of the cinders of hate?" and he wrote about the Jews and Arabs living together in Israel in peace. In this article, Prof. Laitman makes reference to Harun Yahya's article, "Peaceful Coexistence in Morocco between Jews and Muslims" published in Morocco World News and reminds that the Jews and the Muslims have been living along together for centuries.


Prof. Laitman says:


"The famous Turkish author, Harun Yahya, writes that until “the Nazi-inspired Vichy regime [which governed in Morocco] began its anti-Semitic practices … the 250,000 Moroccan Jews were an inseparable part of Morocco, its culture, history and civilization, and helped build and shape it to make it what it is today.” Moreover, Yahya continues, “For centuries, these two communities existed side by side in harmony and friendship.” Even in Jerusalem, Jews and Arabs lived peacefully side-by-side for centuries, until politics got in the way there, too."