Harun Yahya’s article regarding the Christian population diminishing in the Middle East in the Greek Press

Greek American News Agency published an article by Nick Chiladakis, which made a reference to Harun Yahya’s article Once Upon A Time There Were Christians in the Middle East published in Russia’s English language newspaper Pravda. And this same article has been published at various other Greek news portals as well.

Nick Chiladakis says, “With an amazing and revealing article of the Turkish researcher Harun Yahya, the Russian Pravda newspaper describes horrible genocide of the Christians in the Middle East in recent years and amid the indifference of European politicians.” Chiladakis quotes the following parts from Harun Yahya’s article:

“It is alarming to hear that 2015 has been the worst year in modern history for Christian persecution, according to a human rights organization that monitors the persecution of Christians since the 1950s. As per their recent statistics, over 7,000 Christians were killed and more than 2,400 churches were damaged in 2015.

In Iraq there are only 500,000 Christians that remained out of the 1.5 million 10 years ago… Similarly, today, only around 200,000 inhabit my home country Turkey, where 2 million Christians used to live in 1920.”