Harun Yahya’s participation to ‘Islam and Peace’ conference in Sicily

Mr. Adnan Oktar was invited as a guest lecturer to speak at the conference in Syracuse in Sicily of Italy on the topic, “Islam denounces terrorism.” The national event conference was organized under the subject; "Islam between fears and mistrust. Is it the dialogue and understanding the real solutions?"

Mr. Adnan Oktar participated this conference with a video message and he addressed the speakers, guests, and all Italian people with these words:

“We would like to compliment on the conference in Italy. Sicily is a very beautiful district of Italy. We love all of the Italian people. Islam emerged so as to eliminate terrorism. Islam and The duty of Islam and the Qur’an is to eliminate terrorism. To this end, God sent the messenger, revealed the Qur’an and Islam eliminated the terrorism in that region at that time. And, Islam will eliminate the terrorism of this century as well. Terrorism is fueled by superstitions and fictions. The Qur’an eliminates and destroys terrorism.

I am sending my compliments to all of my Italian brothers and sisters. I would like to compliment you on your conference and congratulate the spokespersons. I also would like to congratulate the audience and the visitors. It is a very great work, a great result. It is a beautiful occasion for the amalgamation of Italy and Turkey.”

Harun Yahya’s Italian book, “Islam denounces terrorism” was distributed among the speakers of the event and also participants as well.

The other names of the speakers include, Sheikh Abdelfatah Mourou, Dott. Mohammed ben Jabber al-yamani, al-Monshid Faouzi ben Gamra, Emilio Abramo (representative of Sant Egidio community), Mrs. Giusy Brogna (representative of the "Movement of Focolari"), Gaetano Zito (writer and representative of Episcopal society in Catania).