Holocaust Documentary by Muslim Author

Online and printed magazine based in the USA, JSS News published a piece on the “Holocaust Violence” documentary by Harun Yahya which is released in Turkish and English.

In this article, it is mentioned that Harun Yahya is known for his joint efforts with major political and religious figures in Israel to develop friendship between the Jews and the Muslim world.

The article goes on as follows: “The impressive film begins with the historical context of this dark term of the history and explains the extent of the horrors that the Jewish people have suffered at the hands of the Nazis. Highlighting some forgotten details of these nightmarish days, the documentary also corrects some misconceptions in the Arab-Islamic world about what really happened. Supported by historical and archival photos, the documentary also examines the wire depraved thoughts of the Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler and ends with a final score of how anti-Semitism persists painfully worldwide. The film is particularly thought- provoking and impressive in that it represents a first of its kind: a strong intellectual voice of the Muslim world condemning the Holocaust.”

You may visit the below link for more information on this video: http://www.holocaustviolence.com