It Is Too Late To Deceive Anyone With Evolution

On 9 February, 2008, Associated Press, the world’s largest press agency, issued a report about creationist belief in Europe which was carried by nearly a hundred newspapers and news portals. In summary, the report said: 

Europeans have long viewed the conflict between evolutionists and creationists as primarily an American phenomenon, but it has recently jumped the Atlantic Ocean with skirmishes in Italy, Germany, Poland and, notably, Britain, where Darwin was born and where he published his 1859 classic.

… Schools are increasingly a focal point in this battle … "Creationism is creeping into the schools," he [Terry Sanderson, president of Britain”s National Secular Society] said. "There is a constant pressure to get these ideas into the schools."

The Council of Europe spoke up last fall after Harun Yahya, a prominent Muslim creationist in Turkey, tried to place his lavishly produced 600-page book, "The Atlas of Creation," in public schools in France, Switzerland, Belgium and Spain.

"These trends are very dangerous," said Anne Brasseur, author of the Council of Europe report, in an interview.

An idea being regarded as dangerous is a sign of the power of that idea and that the other side is helpless and unable to provide any scientific refutation of it. The use of the word “dangerous” in connection with the book confirms its total credibility and the undeniable nature of the evidence it sets out. Indeed, Darwinist and materialist philosophy has collapsed in the face of the scientific information and evidence contained within Atlas of Creation. Warning issued against the book and the banning of it have been to no avail., they have led to even more people reading it and even more people coming to see the truth of the fact of creation. Europe is today a continent on which materialist philosophy has collapsed.