Living For Likes: A New Pressure On The Society

Today, there are about two billion Facebook and 1.4 billion YouTube active users on social media. Instagram users are around 700 million. If we add 350 million Snapchat and 330 million Twitter users to this number, it would not be wrong to say that the one third of the world’s population is in communication with each other. This community's daily post numbers are well beyond imagination. Facebook users upload an average of eight billion items of content every 24 hours. The total duration of the videos uploaded to YouTube every day reaches 400,000 hours. During the same timespan, 500 million tweets are posted while 350 million photographs are uploaded on Instagram.

Daily Arabic language political newspaper based in Baghdad, Al Mada newspaper is independent and one of the mostly read publication of Iraq. Al Mada newspaper published Harun Yahya’s article.اللــــهث-وراء-تــكديـــس–الإعجابـــات–نــوعٌ-جديــــدٌ-من-الضغــط-يجتـــاحُ-المجتــمع–Icin-Yasamak-Sosyal-Medyanin-Yeni-Hastaligi


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