Living For ‘Likes’: A New Pressure On The Society

Beğeni İçin Yaşamak, Sosyal Medyanın Yeni Hastalığı

This darker side of social media drives people who are already troubled over the edge. According to the picture revealed by the World Health Organization (WHO), one person committed suicide every 40 seconds last year. That means about 800,000 people took their own lives all around the world. A substantial portion of this number is comprised of young people between the ages of 19 and 24. Suicide ranks second among the leading causes of death for this age group. In other words, a major part of the world’s youth is living on the edge, in a state of mind that considers suicide a solution to their problems. based in Bosnia publishes Harun Yahya articles in Bosnian.–Icin-Yasamak-Sosyal-Medyanin-Yeni-Hastaligi