Meeting with Mr. Sergey Lepin the Chairman of Belarus Orthodox Church Priests Council

The representatives of Harun Yahya held meetings with one of the assistants of Metropolitan Pavel, the leader of the Orthodox Church of Minsk and Mr. Sergey Lepin, the Chairman of Orthodox Church Priests Council and an Assistant Professor of Minsk Divinity School. Mr. Sergey Lepin was granted the Atlas of Creation authored by Adnan Oktar.

In the meeting information was given about the works of Harun Yahya. High Priest Mr. Sergey Lapin stated the following in the meeting:

"I read the Atlas of Creation on the Internet. Now it is a great happiness for me to hold this beautiful book in my hand. It is a wonderful book prepared with love.

I am sure that the Atlas of Creation will be a very precious and highly demanded piece of our library. It is very fine that people of various faiths have such common issues. The subjects of Creation and the Origin of Life is important not only for scientists but also for all people of faith. We believe that this world is created by our Lord, the Almighty and the Merciful, the One Who sees everything. All through our lives we glorify Him, remember Him and we also remember Him with our scientific research. The information you have gathered in the Atlas of Creation will attract the attention of all readers and make them feel convinced that everything is created by God.

"We are the followers of different faiths with Harun Yahya. despite this, as an Orthodox, I am very happy that not only the Christians but Muslims are also searching the origins of life on Earth and gather information. I wish success to this author who is carrying out glamorous research. May God bless him. I hope that the fossil collection will further expand and its truth will bring bliss to those who are in their quest for God.

Mr. Metropolitan Pavel will feel very pleased to receive the Atlas of Creation which is a wonderful, very stylish book with glorious quality. After he reads it, he can give it to us to be displayed in the academic library. We now have the real copy of Atlas of Creation, not the one we downloaded from the Internet in the PDF format. This has been so good, because we can also show this Atlas in our classes visually…»

“…Together we can establish a barrier against the virus of irreligion, and not only irreligion, but also to violence and evil that stems from irreligion. Our struggle will not only be verbal but also visual in the most perfect form. We thank you very much.

"…Recently some books started to appear about this issue, but none of them are as inclusive and impressive in the visual sense as this one. "…We hope that with the reaction this Atlas evokes, new scientists, new researchers will appear and prove us the existence of God…"