Millions of children used as labour

Çocuk İşçiler: Küçük Omuzlardaki Büyük Yükler

It is very important to take all possible actions to make the world a place where children are not forced to work. In a world where wars rage on and the system of exploitation continues, children will always be the most exploited group. In order to prevent this, it is imperative to first understand the ideological origins of wars and exploitation, and then to undertake a serious ideological effort to eliminate these ideologies. Then people can see that love and peace are possible, and the world can become a home sufficient for everyone. Until then, every country, every institution and every person is responsible for taking the necessary measures to stop this exploitation.

129 years old daily newspaper of South Africa, The Star is regarded as the most influential newspaper of the country. The Star published Harun Yahya’s article.

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