Moscow International Book Fair

The Russian people and all visitors paid great attention to the Harun Yahya books and documents displayed in the bookstand in the Moscow International Book Fair. 10 thousand copies of the Russian version of “The Collapse of the Theory of Evolution” were distributed during the fair. Following the distribution of the books we received very positive responses about the impact of the books. The head of the youth organization that is very active throughout Russia expressed their interest with the words, “We consider this book to be very important and beneficial for the Russian youth; we would like to collaborate with you throughout the country.” This aside, academicians from various universities expressed their interest in getting into joint work.

Igor Propenko – Ren TV Documents and Social Projects Department Deputy Director General

Leonid Parfenov – Russian journalist, TV Programmer, director and actor

Prof. Yuriy Vyazemskiy – Russian author, philosopher, TV presenter. Moscow University Journalism Faculty Head.