Mrs. Lezia Hill-harris ( Knowing The Creator Non-profit Publications Owner/publisher )


In the Qur”an, it teaches the believers to call to Islam with wisdom and fair preaching, to call others to worship The Living god and not to ascribe partners in worship with Him. Harun”s books clearly does this.

He uses The Qur”an and Science to reach the people”s intellect, to make them ponder and reflect on the verses of The Qur”an. I have come across only a few books of this magnitude, which reach the heart as well as the intellect. Not just by words only, but giving a visual effect.

Many of us read but cannot envision or imagine what we read. But when you have pictures along with the words, it reaches the heart as well as the mind. The God tells mankind in innumerous verses, to look at the sun, the moon, the earth, animals and even ourselves, for there are signs in all of these things for those who reflect and ponder. So, Harun is clearly doing that which The God commands.

In my opinion, Harun”s books make mankind reflect on the words of The God. Reflect on His Greatness and Omnipotence. That which science tries to explain away, Harun uses to show that One with complete Knowledge and Wisdom creates all that exists. The All Knowing, The All Wise, The All Powerful, All Seeing, All Hearing Lord and Creator.

May The God continually bless and enrich Harun Yahya in his work. May The God grant him the best in this world, in his grave, and in the hereafter. He is truly one who calls to the worship of The God.

Mrs. Lezia Hill-Harris
Knowing The Creator Non-profit Publications