Muslims, Christians And Jews Will Live As Friends In Jerusalem In The Time Of Hadhrat Mahdi

The Arabic-language daily Al-Quds (Jerusalem), the most popular paper in Palestine and those parts of Israel populated by Palestinians, carried a report on 17 November 2008 titled “Turkish Thinker and Scholar Adnan Oktar: Jerusalem Will Soon Belong to Muslims” over an interview conducted with Adnan Oktar in Istanbul. (Click here to watch the interview.) During the interview, in which he described what needed to be done for the conflict and suffering in Palestine to come to an end, Adnan Oktar issued significant messages, both warnings and of welcome news, for the Palestinian people. Some extracts from the interview read as follows:

"Resistance through faith, culture, knowledge and maturity is one of the greatest weapons in the world; much more effective than the atom bomb, incomparably more; a powerful bond of love and affection, a conception of compassion and profound knowledge will attract support from the entire world; but ignorance and violence will attract global revulsion. I am telling you now the goods news that the Palestinian problem will be totally resolved through prayer, strong, loving devotion to Allah and powerful fear of Him.”

"We are told in the hadiths there will be a time of discord, followed by union. That will be in the time of the Mahdi; Muslims must seek the Mahdi. Muslims must trust the words of our Prophet (saas)… If suffering people want ease and peace, they must trust in the Prophet’s (saas) promise, seek the Mahdi and feel a profound love for the Mahdi, they must feel a deep respect for the Prophet Jesus, and anticipate his coming and pray for it. They must keep a close watch on the signs of the End Times, and do all in their power to spread Islam and Islamic moral values in the meantime, to eliminate Darwinism and materialism on the intellectual plane; in other words, a cultural and intellectual struggle is vitally and crucially important.”

"Jerusalem will eventually belong to Muslims, and I say that on the basis of the hadiths of our Prophet (saas). When the Mahdi comes and the Prophet Jesus returns, Jerusalem and the whole region from top to bottom will be filled with Muslims, insha’Allah. There will also be our Jewish brothers, and Christians, too; but Muslims will enjoy a spiritual leadership there, insha’Allah. They will live there as friends and brothers, insha’Allah.”