Najib Ul Haq ( Professor Of Medicine )


Many people had been observing an apple falling down from a tree to the ground, however it was only Newton who had the capacity to think, discover and define the laws of gravity as result of this observation. In Quraan it has been said time and again to "think" on various aspects of His creations. However it is only few who have thought about Allah”s creations and could find His "miracles" and the proof of His existence. There had been some efforts by scholars particularly the Muslim scholars in this direction but Harun Yahya has given it a new direction. I can confidently say that he has added a new chapter to the Islamic literature.

Religion has always been considered in opposition to science. Even today there are many schools of thought who consider religion and science not in congruence with each other. Unfortunately some Muslim "scholars" have also fallen victim of this propaganda. However Islam is the only religion, which has considered science as part and parcel of its belief. Religion has been expressed, propagated and advocated by Muslim scholars in different ways. However there had been little effort in explaining religion in light of the creations of Allah, be it living or non-living. In Quraan it has been said time and again to "think" and "ponder" on various aspects of the universe.

When I read and study various writings of Harun Yahya the basis appears to be one word of the Holy Quraan i.e. "Yathafakkaroon" which has been repeated more than a dozen times and means — "think". His writings are so appealing thought provoking that one is compelled to start thinking about his creator and the creator of the universe. It also makes you think about the reason of creation of human beings and the universe. It clarifies that scientific discoveries are revealing more and more "proofs" of the Truth of Islam. There is nothing in science which is contradictory to Islam. In fact every new scientific understanding is revealing the secrets of the "creations" of Allah and thus is a source of strength for our "belief".

The books of Harun Yahya cover a wide variety of subjects. On one hand it makes you ponder on the miracles in human body (like "miracles in Immune system" and "miracles in the eye") while the other he makes you think about the harmony and secrets in Universe (like "creation of the universe" and "miracles in the atom").

He has very effectively challenged all aspects of "Darwinism" and has undoubtedly thrashed his theory of evolution with reasons and facts, also exposing the forgery committed by the "scholars" propagating Darwinism.

He is a writer, who has looked at Islam from a new angle and expressed it very effectively based on scientific evidence and reasons. In medical literature we have "evidence based medicine". Harun Yahya has exactly done the same and produced "evidence based Islam". The evidence has been gathered and produced from "nature" and the everlasting laws, which are operating in nature since Allah created it.

May Allah give him the reward of his efforts on "The Day After". Our duty is, to at least study and strengthening his thoughts by propagating and supporting this new addition to the Muslim literature.

Najib ul Haq
Professor of Medicine
Khyber Medical College
Peshawar Pakistan