No One Could Resist A Beauty Like Turkish islamic Union

Dnevni Avaz, the most widely circulated daily paper in Bosnia, devoted a place to an interview made with Mr. Adnan Oktar on the 8th of November, 2011. The featured lines from the interview in which the importance of Turkish Islamic Union was pointed out were as follows:

ADNAN OKTAR: The Turkish and Islamic world accepts the brotherhood of Turkey, which is a leader with its loving and compassionate understanding of Islam, both with its historical experience and democratic structure. Everyone would like to trust in the justice, lovingness, sacrifice and protection of the leading country. And Turkey is the only country that gives confidence about this subject. Because Turkey acting as a leader is a duty of brotherhood, it has no benefit from this. On the contrary, it aspires for trouble, hardship and sacrifice. When Turkish Islamic Union is  questioned, there is one important fact most people forget: The union of the Muslim world and formation of the Turkish Islamic Union is Allah’s command and destiny. Therefore, even developments that seem to be negative at first sight, are developments to the advantage of Turkish Islamic Union in destiny. No intervention, no effort could stop the Turkish Islamic Union. Actually no one has the desire to stop such a union. Because this is a union of love, of hearts and to the advantage of all. It will bring material and moral beauty to not only the Islamic world but to all people. There will be no pressure, no stress; there will be utter freedom and comfort. Therefore, no one would object to such  beauty, no one could resist.

You can read the whole interview from here.