One Of The Most Prominent Supporters Of Muslim Creationism Visited France

The French Catholic newspaper La Croix, one of the most important Catholic newspapers of France, devoted a place to a news item about a conference tour held by Harun Yahya"s representatives in France in its January 31st, 2012 edition. In the item titled “One of the Most Prominent Supporters of Muslim Creationism Visited France”, it was noted that conferences organized in Evry, Drancy, Villejuif, Sapin, Elboeuf and UOIF mosques and especially fossil exhibitions had drawn great interest from the Muslim community. The defeat of the theory of evolution in the face of science was also mentioned in the presentations where it was noted that atheism faced great destruction in the 20th century, and the 21st century will be the century of faith.

In addition, the effect of the Atlas of Creation, which was sent to all of the most important organizations and individuals of Europe in 2007, was mentioned as well. In the item, it was also pointed out that the conferences were announced on prominent billboards on the Champs-Elysées and it was of the utmost importance that conferences were organized at Theatre du Gymnase Marie Bell, which was one of the most important and oldest theaters in Paris.

"Adnan Oktar, the leader of the Turkish organization working under the name Harun Yahya, held a conference tour in France… The conference was about these topics: End of Atheism, Beginning of the Era of Faith; The Molecular Collapse of Evolution; The Miracles of the Qur’an

Together with every conference, the fossils that are exactly the same as their living examples today were displayed. It was told that these fossils proved that living beings were created by Allah and have not changed for millions of years… Conferences were announced with posters even on Champs-Elysées… ASN France organization, which is the French branch of Harun Yahya, organized a conference even at the theatre of Gymnase in Paris.”