Refugees and Turkey on the Sixth Anniversary of Syrian War

Suriye Savaşının 6. Yılında Mülteciler ve Türkiye

The above-cited words of the Turkish Republic’s Minister of Internal Affairs, Mr. Süleyman Soylu, probably best summarizes Turkey’s stand on the refugee issue. Since April 2011, Turkey has been welcoming the refugees fleeing Syria, which has now basically become an international arena for war, with the utmost hospitality. According to the numbers Soylu provided, Turkey is currently harboring 3,552,000 Syrian refugees. With their families slaughtered, and their houses, hometowns and country lying in ruin, these people escaped imminent death from the bombs that rain down upon them and have taken refuge in a nation that welcomed them unconditionally with open arms.

English daily newspaper published from Qatar publishes Harun Yahya article.


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