Road to Peace in the Old Conflict

Hindistan Pakistan ilişkilerinde Barışa giden yol

The last century went down in history as a period when radical nationalism divided countries, nations and regions. It is natural that everyone loves and wants to protect his own nation, but radical nationalism, which violates other people’s right to life and empowers itself through the oppression of others, brought a lot of pain to the world. Central Europe was divided into many small states. New borders were drawn for the Balkans. The map of the Arabian Peninsula changed significantly. The former Soviet Union was divided into dozens of new states. Africa, South America and Far East Asia all took their share of this new world order. The number of countries in the world, which was around 77 at the dawn of the 20th Century, reached approximately 200 by the end of it.

English language daily based in Kashmir Monitor published Harun Yahya’s article.

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