Schools in India

As from 1 June 2008, several schools in India have published an introductory for the Atlas of Creation, a work refuting the theory of evolution by Harun Yahya. The introductory was published with the title “Harun Yahya’s Work Revealing the Fact of Creation”. The Turkish text of the introductory for the Atlas of Creation, which proves living organisms stayed the same with their original form of Creation for hundreds of millions of years, is as follows:

Atlas of Creation

Harun Yahya’s Work Revealing “the Fact of Creation”


This giant format, 904-page book containing the pictures of hundreds of living fossils that refute the theory of evolution gives the most satisfying information about the theory’s collapse.

The hologram images on its cover, its high-quality paper, and some 1500 colored pictures, photographs and documents, give it an unrivaled appearance.

With its printing technology, wide-ranging contents and 28 by 38 centimeters giant format, Harun Yahya’s “Atlas of Creation” is totally unique.

This book is also available in Turkish, German, Chinese, French İtalian, Spanish, Japanese, Urdu, Arabic and Indonesian.


The Giant Work That Has Inspired Reactions from All Over the World:

The Atlas of Creation


In addition to its impressive and splendid appearance, this giant work, containing the very highest quality photographs, is noteworthy for the way it provides proofs of Allah’s sublime creation and sets out the invalidity of the theory of evolution with its scientific content.

The enormous impact of this book all over the world reveals the scale of its global impact. It has had, in the words of the foreign press, “the effect of an ideological earthquake” in all the countries it has reached.

The Atlas of Creation has initiated a real enlightenment in Europe. The people of Europe, indoctrinated by Darwinist and materialist propaganda for the last century and a half, have begun to see that the theory of evolution is of no scientific worth and is kept in the spotlight out of ideological concerns. The first 3 volumes of the anticipated 7-volume series have been a means whereby Darwinism has collapsed and the entire world is now rapidly coming round to accepting that reality. 


Ant-Like Stone Beetle

Age: 100 million years
Period: Cretaceous
Location: Myanmar


Fossils in amber are important examples of the kinds of forest life that existed tens of millions of years ago. Research into amber specimens provides information about not only the life forms preserved in them, but also about their habitats and other living things in their ecosystem. This 100 million year old fossil shows how ant-like stone beetle have remained unchanged despite the passage of so much time.


Age: 38-23 million years
Period: Oligocene
Location: Lyby, Denmark


The fossil record is perhaps the most important evidence that demolishes the theory of evolution”s claims. Fossils reveal that life forms on Earth have never undergone even the slightest change and have never developed into one another. Examining the fossil record, one can clearly see that living things are exactly the same today as they were hundreds of millions of years ago—in other words, that they never underwent evolution, but were created by Allah. The Atlas of Creation provides its readers with a closer examination of a variety of such fossil specimens revealing this fact.


The Atlas of Creation in the World Press
USA, Science, 16 February 2007:

"It is the most gorgeous-looking attack on evolution seen on a long time."


France, Le Figaro, 2 February 2007:

"Islamic creationism on the offensive in France"

Ireland, Irish Independent, 9 March 2007:

"Harun Yahya’s Atlas of Creation from Global Publishing, is quite the most spectacular so far this year."


USA, The New York Times, 17 July 2007:

“The Atlas of Creation is probably the largest and most beautiful creationist challenge yet to Darwin’s theory, which Mr. Yahya calls a feeble and perverted ideology contradicted by the Koran.”


Switzerland, Le Courrier, 29 October 2007:

"Harun Yahya Who Has Consigned Darwin’s Theory To Waste Bin"


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